Where Is Our Humanity?

In recent days I have had cause to seriously question our humanity.

First of all we had the Russians….yes the Russians shooting down an unarmed civilian passenger plane causing no offence to anyone except flying over Ukrainian territory at a time when the country is embroiled in a civil war largely of the Kremlin’s making.

Then not content to slaughter men, women and children we were confronted with the horror of the ghouls stealing the personal possessions belonging to the victims and bodies being allowed to rot where they fell.

Allow me to digress briefly and mention that other humanitarian disaster in Palestine. It is a shameful disgrace on us all, as human beings, that we allow the grotesque slaughter of innocent people. Anywhere.Anytime. It’s not a political argument. It’s not even an argument. It is barbaric and it needs to stop. There must be an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.

But getting back to Ukraine. I have to confess to a grudging admiration of our Prime Minister in what he has said and done so far on the MH17 disaster.

He says the crime scene has been subjected to industrial sized tampering and ‘ after the crime comes the cover-up.’

Where have I heard that before?

But our PM is confident there is still evidence that can be collected presumably to bring the perpetrators to justice even though I personally doubt that is ever going to happen.

Abbott says his determination and that of his Government is being driven by the need to ‘do the right thing’ by the Australian victims and their families who are suffering and continue to suffer unimaginable grief.’

Let hope his deeds match his words and that he tells Vladimir Putin that he is not welcome at the G20 in Australia.

He is not welcome.









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