I am a middle aged man who probably should know better but doesn’t. I’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years so I figure that entitles me to write about anything that tickles the fancy. What can I say. Age has it privileges.  Some of the stuff I write about I think is important and, hopefully, interests you as well. Feel free to comment on anything and subscribe , if you like my take on the world. Or not. I’ve also written a book called Cover Up, that is definitely worth checking out. Why not buy a copy at the same time? Now there’s an idea. Forgot to mention I am also a shameless self promoter.

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  1. Mr. Comerford – I just ordered a copy of Cover Up and look very forward to reading it. My brother, Michael Craig, was an member of the MFO in the Sinai and died aboard Arrow Air 1285. After 30 years, I am beginning the process of trying to come to terms with what happened and to assuage my suspicions with the real circumstances regarding the cause of the disaster. My first suspicion that something was not right was when the Army Casuality Noticification Officer gave my parents Michael’s dog tags which had been recovered with his remains and “cleaned.” Even though he had his dog tags, it took more than 4 months to positively identify his body and return him from to us from Dover, Delaware.

    I have sent numerous agencies FOIA requests (Ronald Reagan Pres. Library, Department of the Army, State Department, National Archives, etc.). So far, I have not received anything that wasn’t already available someplace online. Do you have any suggestions for sources of information? Do you have any digital documentation that you could share? I really don’t know what I am looking for or what answers I need. Thank you and best regards…Joe Craig

    1. Hi Joseph. Thank you for comment. I would very much like you to read my book’s chapter on Gander especially as a person who had a close relative die in the crash. Notice I call it a crash and not an accident. Please don’t be offended by me asking this question. There is an important purpose in the asking. Do you have a copy of the report/finding on your brother’s post mortem? I suspect you don’t but I thought I would ask anyway. I would like to stay in touch with you and have some suggestions for sources of information but I really do think it best for you to read my chapter as a starting point. Let me know when you have. In the meantime,take care and kind regards, Damien.

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