Baa,Baa Black Sheep Banned Because It’s Racist?

Clearly there is a competition that I don’t know about. It’s called who can come up with the dumbest, most stupid idea of the week.

There must be a competition because it’s the only way I can explain the decision made by a group of so-called educators.

A number of kindergartens in Australia have banned the nursery rhyme, Baa, Baa Black sheep.

Why? Because the people running these kindergartens believe it promotes racism.

This is not a joke. Apparently it has everything to do with the word ‘black.’

Forget about black is back, or proud to be black. You can’t even acknowledge that a sheep is black. It isn’t just a color any more it’s a stereotype. And in the multi-cultural world we live in,stereotype is just another word for discrimination.

But, you might not be surprised to discover that invariably, one really, really stupid idea is usually followed very closely by another.

Kindergarten teachers, also want to change yet another line in the Baa, Baa Black Sheep nursery rhyme.

It’s the reference to the little boy who lives down the lane. That line is deemed to be sexist. So you can’t be black and you can’t be the one little boy who lives down a lane. This reference to the little boy got me really confused. Maybe someone might be kind enough to explain how this is, in any way, sexist? Since when did anyone have the option of deciding who else is going to live or not live in their street or lane? In my experience it’s the luck of the draw. I would be most grateful for an explanation because I simply do not get it.

Obviously in a gesture towards some kind of lip service to logic, a kindergarten spokesperson said children could still use the word ‘black’ in the nursery rhyme but only if they wanted to.

Interesting comment. Although I would like to know in what century, four-year- old children suddenly developed the skills to choose words to use or not use in a nursery rhyme?

This kind of insanity has precedence. In 2010 a number of very young children were told to reword a very old and very well known Australian song, all Aussie kids know off by heart, about the Kookaburra who sits in the old gum tree. One of the lines in the song refers to the Kookaburra being ‘gay.’ But the children at this particular kindergarten were told to substitute the word ‘fun’ for ‘gay.’

The problem is looney tunes thinking helps nobody. It certainly doesn’t help very young children to make their way in the world. It just leaves them understandably confused.

A large number of parents and teachers, fortunately, have slammed the move as political correctness gone mad. They point out the nursery rhyme has absolutely nothing to do with race, which it doesn’t.

One person who happens to be black, (there I said it) made a plea to leave the nursery rhyme as is. He said it was taking race, discrimination and prejudice to a place where it doesn’t belong. There are lots of different breeds of sheep. What is wrong with describing their colour ,whatever it might be ? Or are we going to ban all references to colour including the colour black?

Now I will happily let these kindergartens in on a little secret that probably hasn’t occurred to them.

Just like people, there are black sheep in this world as well as white sheep. To describe them that way is not implying anything other than the colour of the sheep.

And to suggest that it’s something else entirely is sheer, or is that shear, stupidity.