It’s All Merde To Me

What I am going to talk about is a load of crap. But that’s understandable because it involves exactly that…done every day….. in the smallest room in the house.

Australians have a love affair with a certain brand of toilet tissue. But just recently there’s been a relationship breakdown. In short there is a danger of Australians washing their hands completely of the brand. So much so they are threatening to abandon it completely. To put it bluntly they have a case of the you-know-whats.

About a month ago, the company, which manufactures the toilet paper, decided to make what it called minor changes to the product.

In a statement which was headed: We wanted to let you know what has changed and why? The company said that manufacturing pressures had forced the label to look for opportunities to increase efficiencies in their operations. Translated it meant the company wanted to cut costs. And part of that cost cutting involved a lighter, smaller toilet roll. The company says it’s all about more efficient packaging, more efficient shipping and storage and less space on supermarket shelves.

But the toilet paper buying public sees it differently. Even though the company says there was no change to sheet size or the number of sheets, consumers believe the exact opposite. Angry consumers have taken to the company’s Facebook page criticizing it for misleading the public. Some have claimed that the quality of the toilet paper has been reduced and that accounts for a drop in weight and a thinner, inferior product. People are obviously upset but the company says it has done nothing wrong.

It says there are still 180 sheets per roll and nothing has changed for the past two years. Any reduction in paper density is due to the way the toilet roll has been wound. The company says it’s about efficiency and nothing more. It means they are using fewer resources to make the product.

The company says its not surprised that some consumers are complaining about the changes. This almost always happens when consumers suddenly discover what they are used to buying looks a bit different.

I guess the company is hoping all of this criticism will be flushed away in much the same way as its product after its been used.

But consumers are a funny lot. Messing with their favorite toilet roll is just the kind of merde they don’t want to deal with.