Getting Your Back Into It

Occasionally I like to reflect on the ingenious ways we are finding to make our lives better. But what I am going to talk about has to do with the S-E-X word. If that offends then I suggest you stop reading and find something else equally productive to do.

There is nothing more depressing or debilitating than chronic back pain. It can make life miserable. Make that intolerable if it prevents you from having a loving relationship with your partner. The good news is medical experts have come up with the best way for men with bad backs to have sex. I am not saying I am one of them but if you do happen to fall into this category then this is a serious issue that needs a serious solution

In order to come up with a solution, scientists studied how a man’s spine moves during you know what to find the most comfortable position for men with back problems. And what is most surprising is that ‘spooning’ is not always the best position to adopt.

A group of researchers at a University in Ontario Canada gathered information from infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems based on a study of ten couples and how they moved when attempting five common sex positions. From that study they created a set of guidelines recommending different positions and, to put it crudely, thrusting techniques based on what triggered a man’s back pain during sex.

The findings were published in a suitably named journal called Spine. They included a recommendation for men, who they described as flexion intolerant. By that I mean men whose back pain was exacerbated by touching their toes or sitting for extended periods of time. Forget spooning. You are better off having doggy style sex. I am not offering further and better particulars here. I think you pretty much get the drift. These men should also try what the authors described as a hip hinging motion, rather than thrusting with their spine. By that, I guess they mean driving from the hips rather than the lower back.

According to the lead researcher, established medical opinion was that spooning was the best position for men with chronic back problems because it was thought to be the one solution that fitted all problems. But as these researchers discovered it’s no longer the case. Sex positions that might be suitable for one type of back problem are ineffective if you are experiencing pain from another kind of back problem.

The most important outcome from all of this is that doctors now have a solid basis to guide clinicians when making recommendations to their patients who are suffering from debilitating back pain but still want a sex life and to be able to enjoy intimacy with their partner. It has the potential to improve quality of life. More importantly it will improve the quality of a love life for many couples.

Doctors will have some answers to the question frequently asked by couples: how can we manage back pain during sex? And because there has been no satisfactory answer until now couples were forced to remain celibate not by choice but by circumstance. One night of passionate love-making can lead to months of painful agony.

For clinicians these recommendations now have hard science, if you’ll pardon the pun, to back them up. So many puns so little time.

Doctors have been focusing on men with bad backs. But that is not to say they have forgotten about women who suffer from chronic back pain that can be equally debilitating and catastrophic in its effect on sex lives.

Researchers plan to publish details about what is going on with the female spine during the coming months. Boom boom.