The Golden State Warriors’ New Golden Throne

Sometimes you just gotta laugh. There is a professional basketball team in the United States called the Golden State Warriors. And anything with the name ‘golden’, on the balance of probabilities, would refer to San Francisco, home of that golden piece of architecture. The Golden Gate Bridge.

You might be interested to know there is another piece of architecture being planned for San Francisco that is anything but golden, although some of these structures have been made out of gold. And it’s a structure that has everything to do with the Golden State Warriors basketball team.

You see architectural drawings have been released showing the new basketball stadium for this proud team. But somehow, somewhere, someone badly miscued the shot at its design. The new stadium is shaped like a lavatory. Yes a toilet. Not all of it, just some it. I’m talking about the seat and the lid. Someone else with a sense of humor suggested the 18-thousand-seat arena would be better suited to another basketball team called the Sacramento Kings because it looks like a throne.

The design release sent social media into meltdown as you might expect.

Even two of the star players with the Golden State Warriors got in on the act. Guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, are known as the Splash Brothers because of their three point shooting ability. They tweeted: What’s wrong with the Warriors arena design? Sure, it looks like a toilet bowl but they do have the Splash Brothers. Ha Ha.

Now you will note that I have avoided making any references to being flushed with success, or this is a load of crap or the design needs to be canned. Those are clichés for people with no imagination.

The Warriors management, were quick to reassure everyone that the drawings would not be the final product. A team spokesman said the club was confident that when the design is further refined and really comes together, people will not only see what the Golden State Warriors are trying to accomplish they will see a more beautiful rendering. They would say that wouldn’t they. Loosely translated what he is saying is we have slam dunked the architects and told them they need to come up with something way better in the design department instead of a stadium that looks like a toilet.

Quite frankly I don’t buy any of this. I mean have these people not got eyes? You would have to be legally blind not to see what the proposed new stadium design resembles the very second you saw the drawing. It is shaped like a toilet. End of story. I mean you wouldn’t release the designs for public comment just so you could be ridiculed would you? I guess the really worrying aspect to this is the fact that it was only after people began pointing out the blindingly obvious that the Golden State Warriors management decided to respond in the way that they did by trying to put a positive spin on it. Of course ‘trying’ is the operative word.

But if you thought this was way too funny for words spare a thought for the sports authorities in Qatar in the Middle East. They are building the Al-Wakrah sports stadium for the 2022 World Cup in soccer. It looks like a giant vagina.