A Woman’s Work Is Never Done. So Get Your Husband To Help.

Being a woman and a mother must be a tough gig these days. I say this from the point of view of an outsider looking in. These women are juggling relationships, careers and family, all at the same time.

Being a man is still a position of privilege. They earn more. Get promoted faster and higher. Even if they have a family they still get to focus on their career with everything else pretty much on the backburner or to put it more accurately hand passed to their other half.

Maybe it comes from the male DNA that says a man can only do one thing at a time. Let’s face it. You rarely see the words men and multi-tasking in the same sentence except if you happen to be talking about a ménage a trois.

Whereas women have to cope with always doing more than one thing all the time like moving forward with their career while at the same time caring for children.

I have always begrudgingly admired how women are so good at sharing and supporting one another. Social media is tailor made for them. And now they are using it to empower themselves and each other by creating websites and pages on Facebook for job opportunities, tips on flexible working hours, support as well as advice on how to balance job demands with family life.

And these sites are not only creating opportunities for women who want to work from home, they are educating employers on the advantages of hiring flexible workers.

If employers are smart they will realize stay-at-home women have experience and talent, and would otherwise be in senior corporate roles if they were not raising a family. Salary is not as important to them as flexible working hours. These women have a track record for loyalty, maturity and possessing a great work ethic. The hours they want to work may not be 9-5 but they will get the job done without supervision.

And as more and more of these opportunities are taken up, stay-at-home Mums are relishing the chance to spend time with their children and have a career.

Change is on its way, but as satirical writer, Kathy Lette reminded one and all in a recent opinion piece we still have a long way to go baby.

The sad reality is that a women’s work is never done and certainly not by a man. Female life expectancy is falling and women are showing signs of increased stress levels with high blood pressure, heart attacks and alopecia because they literally have too much to do.

A British survey found that women do 11 hours 30 minutes of housework per week, twice as much as men. They also do most of the dreary household chores like washing the floors, cleaning the toilet, vacuuming and the ironing. That age- old claim that the closest a man ever gets to housework, is to give a room a sweeping glance might be true after-all. The reality is most workingwomen work all day then they come home to cook dinner, help the children with their homework, stack the dishwasher, put out the rubbish and sort the washing. By the end of the night the only fantasy occupying her thoughts is a good night’s sleep. She certainly isn’t in the mood for love, as most husbands will testify.

But Kathy Lette did present one solution that,to me, seemed to make a lot of sense. Offering sexual rewards in return for doing the chores. She says offering a ‘sensual incentive’ would have men doing the vacuuming so thoroughly they would suck the skirting boards off the wall.

And as it turns out that might not be the only incentive.

As Ms Lette quite correctly points out, it is scientifically proven that no woman ever killed her husband or partner while he was vacuuming the house, cleaning the bath or moping the floors.