The Marriage Proposal That Fell Through……The Roof Of The Neighbour’s House

I don’t have many pet hates in life.

I like to think of myself as pretty laid back. Tolerant. Understanding, But there is one thing that really gets on my goat. And that is people who orchestrate some extreme public stunt to propose marriage to their partner. It’s not that I am unromantic. Nor am I particularly cynical. Maybe a little. It’s just that I can’t see beyond some pathetic attempt at attention seeking. You know the marriage proposals I’m talking about. Take your pick. They’re all on You Tube. The new Dad who popped the question to his girlfriend by dressing their newborn baby in a onesie that read: Will you marry me Daddy? Then there’s the guy who asked his favourite ice cream shop to create a new flavour called Rachel will you marry me? Let’s not forget the entire Norwegian town that helped a man propose to his fiancé. The town residents built a Hollywood style set that looked like the outdoor patio of an Italian restaurant and then set it up on a cliff with candles lining the route. The villagers even held choir practice to learn how to sing the Italian song O Sole Mio. That would have been interesting sung with a Norwegian accent. The man led his fiancé up to the fake patio where he popped the question and the evening ended with fireworks and champagne. Of course she said yes. They always do. Of course it would make life interesting, not to mention hugely embarrassing if the other party did actually turn down the proposal. Would I feel sorry for him? The cynic inside says not on your nelly.

So you can imagine my dismay when I read about the wedding proposal that came crashing down, literally, in the Netherlands. Here was yet another attention seeker wanting to profess his love before the widest possible viewing audience on You Tube. Except it all went horribly, horribly wrong. Instead of being a marriage proposer he turned into a home wrecker. The man lived in the town of Ijsselstein, a name that is pretty unpronounceable unless you speak Dutch. No surprise he wanted to do something spectacular, that was really all about him, in proposing to his girlfriend .So he hired a mobile crane. It was meant to be a surprise early one Saturday morning. In that he succeeded. The crane was going to carry him over his girlfriend’s house and deposit him in the backyard where he would step down and ask her to marry him. Unfortunately for him his marriage proposal fell through…….the neighbor’s roof. And when the crane operator tried to right the crane, it slipped and fell on the house roof for a second time.

Fortunately no one was injured, apart from wounded pride and bruised egos. But the house that the crane collapsed on, was in a row of terraces. Emergency workers had to evacuate almost the entire street while they tried to figure out how to get the crane out of the roof of the house. Their biggest problem was getting the crane upright without it falling on the house for a third time. The would be marriage proposer, jumped to safety and the people who lived in the house that the crane fell on, were said to be in deep shock. Stands to reason that you would be after a crane fell on your house with you inside. The authorities must now decide if the house or houses are so structurally damaged  they will all need to be demolished. But they can’t make that decision until they find a way to extricate the crane from the house roof.

Of course the next obvious question, did the man’s fiancé accept his marriage proposal after his actions caused such a typhoon of damage in her street? I mean would you want to marry him? I wouldn’t be surprised if people living in that street wanted to kill him. What was her answer I hear you asking? I won’t keep you in suspense. She said yes. Can you believe it? She still wants to marry that sad sack. Maybe she felt sorry for him. Personally I don’t.

The second part of his marriage proposal involved a trip to Paris. Dutch police told the couple they had no reason to cancel their trip, so that is where they are as we speak.

Quite frankly, if I were he, I would go to Paris and stay there. Permanently. I would also like to be a fly on the wall when they try to explain the whole story to the insurance company.