Take Your Hand Off It

I reckon some people really do need to take their hand off it….figuratively and literally speaking.

This almost made me choke on my muesli when I read it.

A man in Tennessee in the United States is suing Apple for ‘ enabling him to access pornography.’

Can you believe it? He’s a Nashville lawyer, well he would be wouldn’t he.

Chris Sevier is alleging that the world’s biggest company supports ‘pornography and explicit sexual content which has led to the proliferation of arousal addiction.’

It seems Mr Sevier’s propensity for self abuse knows no bounds. He argues that Apple should install a content filter in its browsers to block all internet porn.

Sevier also blames Apple for his failed marriage and for not warning him of the dangers of pornography.

He says Apple should regard his lawsuit as a warning sign for a raft of class actions that will follow in the event that the company should resist his ‘ reasonable request.’

Mr Sevier is a wanker. There I have said it. The only thing he needs to do is stop wanking and exercise a bit of self control.

I am sure his wrist will thank him..